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Cause of Death in Iran from 1990 to 2015

The burden of disease, injuries and districtRisk factors at the national and regional levels is a standardized effort to estimate the loss of health due to illnesses, injuries and districtRisk factors, first at the national level and then at the regional level with the method Comparison and definitions of the global burden of diseases in 2010. Health policy makers at the national and regional levels, health leaders, researchers and citizens can directly use estimates from 2014. As early as 2014, a vision of the health status of the population across the country will be provided to compare the burden of different diseases and their distribution simultaneously. It also estimates the outbreak, spread, and trend of the burden of disease or load attributable to 290 diseases and about 60 districtRisk factors and rates of deficits and misleading estimates in the national and sub-national mortality registration system from 1990 to 2014. . To carry out this study, various workshops were held in the field of statistics, methodological review and also professional software. Comprehensive databases such as the civil registration system and scientific evaluation data were used efficiently.

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Vizit Data Visualization System

Given the speed of production of information and its diversification in all domains, the process of knowledge extraction The traditional process information process will be very costly and time consuming. Science of information visualization The researchers will be able to examine all the scenarios of the results in the least time View trends and concepts in the information.
Our goal at the visit is to provide access to available information and results of the projects, according to How to provide this information that is dynamically done This is the same with creating knowledge Users of this system will. Ultimately, these data can be used for policy and decision making.

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